Vega Holster 8K18 - Polymer multi fastening thigh platform - BLACK

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Polymer multi fastening thigh platform.
Dual no-slip leg straps for thigh wearing kit.Dual possibility of extension belt-thigh:

  • 1) Single thigh extension adjustable with velcro Item 8K16;
  • 2) Dual thigh extension with swivel buckles and adjustable length Item 8K18.

Central holes Q to mount the holster (see holsters compatibility) with possibility of a dual inclination.Dual attachment systems for accessories on the right and left sides:

  • Two holes Z to mount 8K30 kit or simply to mount for accessories with screws (see under accessories).
  • Two loops J to mount any molle system (height compatible) or any modular system using universal clips 2SM60 and 2SM75.

Double rotative attach. Two points Y to insert mount 8MH00 magazine or other compatible accessories.

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Produttore Vega Holster
Colore Black

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