Leupold Rifleman Riflescope Mount Base 2-pc Winchester 70 - Black

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The Leupold 2-Piece Aluminum Rifleman Base is backed by the quality behind Leupold's well-known name. The base is comprised of the strongest aluminum providing maximum stability for your mount. The position will hold up to long use and many rounds being fired through your gun. This system is created to withstand recoil and heavy use. With the uniquely strong design of this base you will have a better mount with more precise alignment. With an improved base you will also have less need to sight your scope in and adjust the alignment.

  • Bases for many popular rifle models available
  • Affordable, just like the Rifleman riflescope
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Ulteriori informazioni
SKU LEU.55900
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Produttore Leupold
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Colore Black
Materiale Alluminio
Tipo Rail Picatinny/Weaver
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