Viridian Weapon Technologies, GDO, Red Dot, 3 MOA Green Dot, 20mm Objective

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  • Highly visible green dot to help with rapid target acquisition
  • Absolute co-witness for backup iron sights when using riser mount
  • Unlimited eye relief and true parallax free
  • Uses single standard AAA battery for long life and simplicity
  • Rugged design to be used on a variety of rifles, pistols, and shotguns

Product Description

Viridian Weapon Technologies is devoted to applying cutting-edge technology to design compact, powerful self-defense products for the civilian, military and law enforcement markets. Viridian's GDO25 green dot features a true co-witness sight picture for use with your backup iron sights when using their riser mount. With unlimited eye-relief and true parallax free, this green dot will be the perfect fit for your favorite rifle or shotgun.

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