TROY PDW Stock Kit 6 Position Fits AR-15 Rifles - Black

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The Troy Industries M7A1 PDW Stock Kit is the anticipated retractable stock made to elevate 5.56 carbines by making them more compact, and measures 3" shorter than traditional M4 carbine stocks when fully collapsed. Utilizing a proprietary, patent pending buffer spring, bolt carrier group and heavy duty latch assembly, the refined design makes the M7A1 PDW Stock Kit rugged, reliable and sturdy. The design of the rods in the Troy PDW stock allows full access to the AR-15 rifle's charging handle and operating controls, even with a gloved hand, and even when the stock is completely retracted. After depressing a lever on the underside of the stock with the thumb, the user can extend the stock in one fluid motion. Troy's stock has 6 positions of adjustment and built-in sling mounts, making it the total package. Stock kit includes PDW Stock, buffer spring, complete proprietary bolt carrier group and buffer system.

  • Black finish
  • PDW stock kit
  • For AR rifles
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Produttore TROY
Colore Black
UPC 812441020611
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