Trijicon Tenmile HX 3-18x50mm Second Focal Plane Riflescope

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Here's to carrying out more than you carry in. When you need to take long-range shots in the toughest environments, trust the Trijicon Tenmile HX hunting riflescope. Equipped with illuminated precision hunting reticles, outstanding glass, and rugged construction, the Tenmile HX stands up to anything nature throws at you. You're in the middle of nowhere. It's snowing sideways. You have your dream elk in sight. Trust it. The Trijicon Tenmile HX 3-18x50 hunting riflescope with the second focal plane MRAD Center Dot reticle is designed with industry-leading glass, light transmission, and durability to ensure absolute precision and repeatability when it counts. And out here, it always counts.

  • Edge to Edge Clarity
  • Ultra Durable
  • Purpose Driven Design
  • MRAD Center Dot (Red/Green Illumination)
  • 30mm Tube
  • Exposed Elevation Adjuster with Return to Zero Feature
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Produttore Trijicon
UPC 719307403550
Piano Focale Reticolo Secondo

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