Trijicon Fiber Sight Fits XD 9/40/45/357 Red

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Trijicon(R) Fiber Sight Set - for Springfield Armory(R) Pistols- Behind Trijicon(R) Fiber Sights is years of engineering and manufacturing experience in producing the industry's leading night sight and fiber illuminated scopes and sights. Featuring similar fiber optic materials used in several Trijicon(R) fiber optic scopes and sights, including the battle-proven ACOG(R), the Trijicon(R) Fiber Sights are purposely engineered to bring the absolute brightest aiming point while retaining strength and maintaining a refined sight picture. Whether carrying or competing, these bright, thin sights create the perfect aiming point for fast, accurate rounds on target.

  • Professional installation of sights recommended
  • Fits Springfield Armory Models XD-S
  • Comes With Red and Green Fiber
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Produttore Trijicon
UPC 719307270527
Colore Red
Materiale Acciaio
Modello Mire Mire Fisse
Tipo Mire Fiber Sights

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