MCARBO CZ 452 / 455 Trigger Spring Kit

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CZ 452/CZ 455 Trigger Spring Kit Includes:

  • Custom Lighter Trigger Return Spring

Fast and easy CZ 455 Trigger Job that will reduce your trigger pull and improve overall accuracy. Engineered to be a safe and effective CZ 455 Trigger Adjustment and CZ 452 Trigger Job. No need to spend a ton of money on an entire CZ 455 Trigger replacement, just upgrade the trigger return spring and see if it's enough trigger pull reduction first. 

The CZ 452 Trigger Adjustment is simple and very effective. The CZ 452 and CZ 455 were designed in a way that makes adjusting the trigger very easy. CZ even built in a trigger pull adjustment feature on their factory triggers to really dial in your trigger pull, all you need is a specially designed trigger return spring to take it one step further and really unleash that factory trigger potential!

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