MCARBO AK-47 Extra Power Recoil Spring

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AK 47 Extra Power Recoil Spring

  • Premium Spring Steel USA + 15% Stronger over Original & Surplus Options

Most AK's have holes for their gas ports drilled out too wide and a Stronger Recoil Spring is a way to compensate for that.  Over gassed AK's are not a good thing as they put excessive wear on the internal action of the firearm, resulting in premature failure.

Another inherent benefit is directly to the shooter as it will improve cycling operations for the AK and reduce felt recoil making it much easier to control under rapid fire.

Most importantly the Extra Power AK-47 Recoil Spring will reduce destructive impact to Rear Trunnion prolonging the life of the firearm.  Prevents rivets from wallowing out due to excessive impact to rear trunnion.  Also reduces impact to the bolt carrier nose.  Will improve performance over original recoil spring and poor quality Military Surplus AK-47 Recoil Springs.

Works for the Kalashnikov Family of Firearms to include AK-47, AKM, AK-74, AK-74M and All Draco's.

AK 47 Upgrades to aid in feeding operations when using soft point ammo or used surplus magazines. Upgrade AK 47 Recoil Spring Assembly with Extra Power AK 47 Recoil Spring to Improve Cycling Operations. Better than Wolff Extra Power Recoil Spring AK-47 due to Premium USA Spring Steel AK 47 Upgrade. Avoid using Recoil Spring from Military Surplus AK-47 Parts due to limited life and deteriorated protection they offer. Use Extra Power AK 47 Recoil Spring to Prevent Damage, Improve Cycling Operations and Overall Shooting Performance.

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