Magnetospeed Sporter Barrel Mounted Ballistic Chronograph

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Precisely measure your bullet velocity on your firearms with 0.5in to 1in barrels using this Magnetospeed Sporter Barrel Mounted Ballistic Chronograph. You can also use this device with muzzle brakes and flash hiders up to 2.7in long. The most useful feature on these Chronographs & Shot Timers developed by MagnetoSpeed is that you can use these in any weather conditions and still get consistent, accurate results. When the range is packed, the last thing you want to do is waste time setting up a complex device. However, this Magnetospeed Sporter Chronograph uses an integral, quick-attach strapping system that instantly latches onto your rifle so that you can start tracking your shots right away. The one-button cycling display is incredibly simple to read, and you don't need any tools to access the battery compartment/ Through three sensitivity settings, you can discover which works best for your needs. Save time and get precise reads on your projectile velocity with this Magnetospeed Sporter Mountable Ballistic Chronograph.

Battery Type: 9v
Fabric/Material: Polymer

Features of MagnetoSpeed Sporter:

  • Simple, one-button cycling display (shows recent shot velocity and statistics, plug in to turn on)
  • Battery : 9-Volt (included)
  • Easy access battery compartment, no need for screwdriver to swap batteries
  • Three sensitivity settings for fine-tuning
  • Integral, quick-attach strapping system; with metal buckle and triad thumb nut
  • Proven technology with updated sensor design
  • Integral 3.5 foot sensor cord

Package Contents:

  • Display Unit
  • Bayonet-style sensor (Bayo)
  • Thick and thin rubber V-block spacers
  • Heavy duty strap with thumb nut tightener
  • Ultra-compact storage container
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