IMI Defense - ZSP07 Single Magazine Roto Paddle Pouch - XDM/Beretta/Sig/Walther/CZ

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Pouch for one pistol magazine, manufactured by the renowned Israeli company IMI Defense.

Crafted with the highest quality polymer elements, manufactured using the most advanced production technology, IMI Defense products provide the ultimate in ease-of-use, durability, and comfort.

The pouch is equipped with a "fin" fastening to the belt and preventing it from falling out. Belt loop with a maximum width of 55 mm.

In the Roto model it is possible to adjust the position of the pouch with respect to the "fin". After the adjustment is complete, it must be tightened with an Allen key, which we receive in the set.

The magazine is press-mounted, but the material used and its texture prevent scratches on its surface.



• Comfortable contoured fit
• Fully adjustable for cant
• Rotates 360 degrees for every application (small of back, cross draw)
• Made of durable black polymer
• Adjusts with a simple allen key
• Designed for military & police personnel. Great for civilians & off duty officers

Fits: Beretta 92, 96; Browning Hi-Power (9mm/.40); Browning BDM (9mm); Colt 2000 (9mm); EAA Witness (9mm/.40); KelTec P11, P40; Magnum Baby Eegle (9mm/.40); Ruger P89-P95 (9mm/.40); Sig Pro 9 mm, Springfield XD (9mm/.40); S&W 40, 59, 69; S&W SW99 (9mm/.40); Taurus 92, 100; Taurus PT909 (9mm); Taurus PT800 (9mm/.40); CZ, Walther P88, P99; Walther PPQ M1 (Classic), M2, Sig Sauer 226, 229, MK25, S&W M&P (9mm/.40/.357)

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