Elvex RCOM-655 Impulse Electronic Earmuffs - Grey

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Level Dependent Impulse Filter Muffs allow the wearer to listen to conversations and filter out harmful noise. Impulse muffs electronically amplifies weak sounds/voices, suppresses impulse noise exceeding 82 dB to allow close range communications in continuous or impulse noise environments such as stamping factories or shooting ranges. The affordable, high-quality adjustable electronics and microphones provide excellent sound quality and performance with no "choppy sounds." The standard 3.5 mm audio jack for listen-only capability connects to most audio devices and allows workers to hear both an auxiliary audio device and their environment. An auto-off switch turns the unit off after 4 hours to extend battery life. Just 2 AA batteries provide about 175 hours of operation. The lightweight design provides comfort over long periods and features a comfortable, padded headband with low pressure and soft ear cushions and a low force, fork-type stainless steel headband for the lowest and most consistent pressure on the wearer's head at all temperatures. The Level Dependent Impulse Filter Muff takes AAA batteries, weighs 12.8 oz.. It has a n 82 dB limiter and is NRR 25.

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