Battle Arms Development, Enhanced Magazine Release, Anodized Finish, Red, Aluminum Construction

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Precision CNC Machined for billet 7075-T6 Aluminum (not 6061) in an anodized finish, the BAD-EMR features a unique, fully solid "V" shaped button face with horizontal serrations (no through hole). The concave V-Groove button face offers an excellent ergonomic feel and self-centers the index finger as pressure is applied. The horizontal, parallel serrations help slippage in the vertical orientation while minimizing drag in the horizontal direction for finger retraction. The BAD-EMR also features a lightweight skeletonized back to offset the weight gained from the fully solid button face and slightly increased height to equal the weight of the standard mil-spec magazine release (approximately 0.002 lbs). The BAD-EMR is compatible with all lower receivers that accept mil-spec magazine release buttons.

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Produttore Battle Arms
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