Ballistol - Pluvion Waterproofing Spray 200ml

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Pluvonin wraps every natural and artificial fiber and also the leather, with an extremely repellent and breathable coating, able, thanks to the most modern technology, to repel water and dirt. For maintenance and waterproofing of all natural fabrics and leathers, even exposed to the most severe atmospheric conditions. Tents, tarpaulins, sails, awnings, sun and rain umbrellas become waterproof, as well as overcoats, anoraks, pullovers, shoes and backpacks, sports, rain and ski clothing. Stains from coffee, tea, red wine, Coke and the like are also simply rejected. Pluvonin wraps every single fiber with an invisible and breathable protective layer, resistant to UV rays and sudden changes in temperature. Dry dirt therefore no longer sticks to the fibers and damp dirt is not absorbed. Pluvonin is ideal for hunters, fishermen and for all those who, by profession or sport, are exposed to the elements.

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