Armanov SpidErgo Pistol Grips for Tanfoglio Small Frame - Black

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Armanov has developed new (still hot), unique grips for Tanfoglio pistols, featuring ergonomical contour and aggressive, hard-gripping surface. Sticky like a spider web and ergonomical for a natural feel.

Special precision-machined texture, designed to keep your hand tight in place, it will make sure you get the most out of your competition performance. These SpidErgo grips are what you need to prevent any unwanted movement or sliding of your hand. Shaped ergonomically to fit your hand, not vice versa.

These lightweight grips fit on your Tanfoglio and comes in one perfect size. Furthermore you won’t need any extra screws, they assemble using the original grip-screws supplied with your Tanfoglio grips.

At the same time the back part of grips, the texture is smartly designed to position the web of your hand as high as possible, as quick as possible.

These are perfect for competition guns, where no compromises on control and speed is accepted. We’re sure these are the ultimate grips For Tanfoglio pistols on the market today.

Weight: 60 g
Material: Aircraft grade aluminium

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Produttore Armanov
Colore Black
UPC 650728063230

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