Armanov Aluminum Ball Bearing Roller handle for Dillon XL650 - XL750 and RL550

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This Ball Bearing Roller Handle for Dillon gives you an entirely new "feel."

Ball Bearing Roller Handle for Dillon reduces operator fatigue during long reloading sessions and makes primer seating easier. Angled model fits the RL550, XL650 and XL750 loaders - available in BLUE ANODISED colour. Extremely easy to assemble. Just unscrew the original ball and screw this aluminum ball bearing roller handle. Extremely low friction thanks to two integrated ball bearings. Finger grooves also improve your grip. Anodised Aluminum roller and steel screw ball.

Included Thread-Lock for mounting.

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Produttore Armanov
Colore Blue
Magazzino ITALIA
Restrizioni Export Nessuna

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