Apex Tactical Specialties, Action Enhancement Kit, Fits CZ P-10S/C/F, 9MM, Action Enhancement Trigger, Performance Disconnector, Slide Cover Plate, Black

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  • Reduces trigger pull to approximately sub-4.0lbs (using full Apex Enhancement Kit)
  • Maintains factory trigger pull weight of approximately 5.5lbs (using factory disconnector, Apex Trigger, and Slide Cover Plate)
  • Easy to install
  • Direct drop-in replacement of factory components
  • Maintains factory safety values

Product Description

The Action Enhancement Kit for CZ P-10 pistols features the Apex Action Enhancement Trigger paired with an Apex Performance Disconnector and an Apex Slide Cover Plate. The kit offers two trigger pull options depending on which disconnector is installed. When using the Apex Performance Disconnector, Trigger, and Slide Cover Plate, the kit provides a light, smooth take-up and linear, rolling trigger break at the striker release, reduced overtravel, and a trigger pull weight of approximately sub-4lbs. Using the CZ factory disconnector with the Apex Trigger and Slide Cover Plate will provide a more defined trigger break at the striker release and a trigger pull weight of approximately 5.5lbs. NOTE: The Apex Action Enhancement Trigger REQUIRES the use of the Apex Slide Cover Plate.

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SKU APX.APX116-115
Produttore Apex Tactical Specialties
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