AmeriGlo Tritium 4XL Optic Compatible Sight Night Sights Fits All Glocks

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AmeriGlo's 4XL Optic Compatible night sight sets provide an elevated sight picture, able to co-witness with slide-mounted miniature red dot optics and suppressors. These sights measure in with the front post at .385" high and the rear at .480" high, ensuring that the user will be able to accurately use their iron sights in a functional manner.

  • Compatible with all Glock models
  • Green Tritium with Lumigreen outline front/black rear
  • .385" front post/ .480 rear
  • Optic compatible 
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Produttore Ameriglo
UPC 644406913016
Colore Yellow
Materiale Acciaio
Modello Mire Mire Fisse
Tipo Mire Tritium Sights

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