Nightforce ATACR 7-35×56mm 34mm Tube TREMOR 3 Reticle

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As shooters continue to push the limits of rifle and cartridge performance, Nightforce® continues to exceed the needed performance in riflescope technology by introducing the ATACR™ 7-35 x 56 F1. With its extensive magnification range and legendary ATACR™ optical performance, via an ED glass package, the ATACR™ 7-35 x 56 F1 will push the boundaries of even the most capable of today’s long range cartridges.With parallax adjustment down to 10 meters and 100 MOA of elevation travel, precision is attainable from short range distances to as far as any modern extreme long range rifle and cartridge can reach. This riflescope offers an incredible field of view across the entire magnification range, making targets easy to find, identify and engage. Whether the need is for competition like the Precision Rifle Series (PRS), or extreme long range shooting, this riflescope delivers unmatched precision and repeatability.The Nightforce ATACR™ series of riflescopes has been proven across the world to be the best riflescopes money can buy. The ATACR™ 7-35 x 56 F1 brings this proven performance to an entirely new level that helps shooters to meet and exceed the limits of their precision rifle system.

Product Features:

  • Magnification range:7-35x
  • Focal plane:First
  • Body tube diameter:34 mm
  • Overall length:16.0 in/406 mm
  • Mounting length:6.6 in/167 mm
  • Weight:39.3 oz/1113 g
  • Click value:.250 MOA or .1 MRAD
  • Internal adjustment range:E 100 MOA/29 MRAD W 60 MOA/17 MRAD
  • Parallax adjustment:11 yd–∞
  • Eye relief:3.6 in/91 mm
  • Field of view @ 100 yd/m:7x: 15.0 ft/5.0 m
  • :35x: 3.4 ft/1.1 m
  • Exit pupil:7x: 6.0 mm 35x: 1.6 mm
  • Illumination:DigIllum™
  • Elevation feature:ZeroStop®
  • Power Throw Lever:Standard

Horus TReMoR3 Reticle - Illuminated

The TReMoR3 reticle is all about faster shooting. The Accuracy 1st - Speed Shooting Formula is built right into the elevation hold of the reticle making even faster shooting possible.  It's field-proven to make wind calls easier.  The reticle also allows one to accurately mil targets very quickly. Illuminated version. 

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