Nightforce ATACR 5-25×56mm F1 Zero System .1 MRAD MIL-R Reticle

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Chances are, you’ll never forget your first look through the ED glass of our ATACR™ 5-25x56 F1. We can assure you that you’ve never seen an image through a riflescope as bright and impressive.First focal plane technology means consistent reticle values, regardless of the magnification setting. The ATACR 5-25x56 F1 is offered with a wide range of options, including intelligent reticles.Extensive elevation travel allows target engagements at distances previously considered “out of range,” if you’re willing to practice and if your rifle is up to it. Your riflescope certainly will be.

  • Magnification range:5-25x 
  • Focal plane:First 
  • Body tube diameter:34 mm
  • Overall length:15.4 in/390 mm
  • Mounting length:5.9 in/150 mm
  • Weight:37.6 oz/1066 g
  • Click value:.250 MOA 
  • Internal adjustment range: E 120 MOA/35 MRAD W 80 MOA/24 MRAD
  • Parallax adjustment:45 yd–∞
  • Eye relief:3.5 in/90 mm 
  • Field of view @ 100 yd/m:5x: 18.7 ft/6.2 m 25x: 4.9 ft/1.6 m
  • Exit pupil:5x: 8.3 mm 25x2.3 mm: 
  • Illumination:DigIllum™ 
  • Elevation feature:ZeroStop®
  • Power Throw Lever:Standard
  • Reticles available:MOAR

MIL-R™ F1 Reticle

The MIL-R™ reticle allows precise ranging and accurate hold offs for effective first-shot placement and quick follow-up shots.  This reticle features a floating center crosshair which is 1.0 Mil across, whole, half, .2 and .1 Mil-Radian graduations across the reticle, and a total of 15 Mil-Radian below center. (high magnification image shown)

Range estimation

The Nightforce MIL-R™ reticle can provide you with an accurate distance to your target, when the size of the target is known, by utilizing one of the the following Mil relation formulas:

  • Target Size in Inches ÷ Image Size Measured in Mils in Reticle x 27.77 = Distance in Yards
  • Target Size in Inches ÷ Image Size Measured in Mils in Reticle x 25.4 = Distance in Meters
  • Target Size in Centimeters ÷ Image Size Measured in Mils in Reticle x 10.93 = Distance in Yards
  • Target Size in Centimeters ÷ Image Size Measured in Mils in Reticle x 10 = Distance in Meters

For example, a standard stop sign measures 30” tall x 30” wide. Knowing the size of the target, in this case, a stop sign, and applying the correct formula above, you will be able to accurately calculate the distance to your target.

  1. Known target size = 30”
  2. Image size = 2.5 Mils. To measure image size of target in Mils, refer to the reticle diagram above.
  3. Divide target size (30”) by image size in reticle (2.5) = 12
  4. For distance in yards, multiply 12 x 27.77 (constant) = 333.24 yards to target.
  5. For distance in meters, multiply 12 x 25.4 (constant) = 304.8 meters to target.

Your ability to accurately measure your target in your reticle does take some practice to become proficient.

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