ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart HD Optics 3-14X

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The X-Sight 4K Pro Series scope provides such superior value, you soon realize there is nothing in the market to compare with! The cutting-edge technology of our 4K Ultra HD Sensor and Dual Core Processor now offer the processing power for higher resolution, faster optics, crisper and sharper images with vivid colors; in a state of the art package, to give you functionality and performance like no other product on the market. The X-Sight 4K Pro includes a long lasting internal Lithium Ion Battery, allowing for up to 18 hours of power. Plus, a slew of other features, you have come to expect from the ATN Smart HD Optics line.

  • Night vision mode
  • One shot zero
  • Smart rangefinder
  • Low power consumption
  • Obsidian IV Dual Core
  • Day/Night Mode
  • 1080 Display
  • Record Video
  • Captures Pictures
  • WiFi
  • GPS
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Ulteriori informazioni
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